From visitors
ーThank you for your kind and hearty impressionsー

From Netherlands 2018.5.13

Dear Tom,

Also in the name of Ellen I want to thank you for a truely wonderful day.

You are our Olympic gold medallist of all guides.

You have a great knowledge of the history of Japan. You explain extremely well, your english is excellent, you speak clearly and your articulation is formidable. Your love of Japan and the Japanese Culture make us more hungry to understand and love your country more than we already did.

I saw the peace white pigeon on your green guides vest and I believe that your goodwill organization does very good work in showing people the very best side of Japan!

We will remember you very well!

Thank you once again and I wish you a long healthy and happy life in the third age together with your wife.Your friends

From USA 2017.11.22

Thank you very much for the fun and informative tour last week. We hope to visit our friends Yasu Hata and Bill Winslow again next fall in Ikaruga-cho. Maybe we will you see you again then as well.

From Italy 2017.5.15

I wanted to thank your guide Masaru Ogawa for our fantastic tour of Horyuji Temple in April. Mr. Ogawa was a marvelous guide and told us an incredible amount of information and kept us smiling the entire time. We are from Italy and were very happy to have an excellent English speaking guide!

 Thank you again, our visit to Horyuji was one of the highlights of our visit to Japan!

From Argentina and Italy2017.3.21

I just wanted to write my appreciation of the services of Mac. H. Matsumoto and his colleague at Horyuji on Wednesday. He was informative, good-humoured and enabled us to learn a great deal. Without him, we would have wondered at the buildings but understood little of their purpose; now we know a little more about Buddhism in Japan and the history of Horyuji. どうもありがとうございました!

From Hong Kong 2016.10.21

I must express my heartfelt thank you for your truly amazing and inspiring guide tour of Horyuji temple last week.

I and my wife Angela enjoy so much of your professional explanation throughout the two hour touring. Without your devoted and passionate accompany, we will certainly miss a lot of interesting points and historical significance of Horyuji temple. Your well preparation of information, equipment like torch and leaflet really impress me a lot and I absolute believe you  enjoy your guide tour work in the bottom of your heart.

Please accept my belated reply as we just back to Hong Kong yesterday after visiting lot of temples and Buddha/Bodhisattva sculptures in Nara and Kyoto. Attached please find the photo we taking together in Horyuji temple and I believe, to both of us, this is certainly a good memory to remember.

 We would like to thank again and hope to visit Horyuji temple and meet with you again.


From China2016.5.31

Greeting from Beijing!

I am Mr. Cheng’s secretary. He texted me yesterday evening that he and his friend have a very good time with you at Nara Horyu Ji yesterday. As Mr. Cheng is very interested about Japanese culture and architect, he is much appreciated that you introduce the culture of Horyu Ji in Chinese for two hours very professionally. He let me write a letter to you to thank for your kindly hospitality and profound knowledge.

If he visits Nara again, he looks forward to talking with you next time. And we hope that more and more people can learn Japanese culture from you.

Enjoy your time every day!

From Thailand 2016.5.14

This is my greeting from Thailand to you. I am very sorry that I write e-mail to you quite late. It is because I am very busy with my job after I came back from japan. And I just found you e-mail to send photo to you. 

 Importantly, I would like to say Thank you very much for your kindness during we travel together. I have a lot of fun with you and my Japanese family.  I am looking forward to hearing back from you. Please write me back to confirm that you receive my e-mail.

From Spain 2016.4.3
Here is the photo we took together. It was a big pleasure and honor for us, to visit Horyuji Temple with you. Your explanations were very nice and interesting!!Many thanks for everything!! Should you ever need anything from Spain or in Spain, let me know!
From Switzerland 2016.4.1

I am the lawyer from Switzerland who visited Horyuji last week. 

Thank you so much for taking me around in English in Horyuji, it was very interesting. I managed also to see the other temples in Nara the same day before they were closed and I was very impressed and happy that you adviced me to go there as well. 

 I send you my contact details below, so if it happens that you visit Switzerland, I could show you around a bit as well. 

 In any case I will give my friends your contact as discussed, if they are visiting Nara. 

From Holland 2016.1.5
we like to thank you again for the wonderfull day we had with you in Nara. The tour at Horyu-ji was very interesting with your explination. We learned a lot and we will look more carefull at the other temples. The Todai Temple was also very impressive. The Kasuga shrine was so crowded that we almost couldn't enter. At the end of the day we were very tired but also very satisfied that we have seen Nara. A beautifull place, we are glad we have seen. Thanks a lot again, arigato gozaimasu,
From USA 2015.11.25

Thank you so very much for your delightful and informative tour yesterday. It was so enjoyable and extremely informative.

Horyuji is such a wonderful evidence of mankind's need for a good spiritual life..  a quest towards harmony. I loved being there and learning about the pagoda  and seeing so many beautiful Buddhas.You have given me the best tour in Japan....  I will tell my friends about you.


From Germany 2014.11.15

. I came back with a good feeling from our time in Horyuji. It was a very impressive temple and a very insightful tour. And in addition, I found it very interesting to hear about Japan's attitude towards deceased persons and the end of their personal 'guilt'. This explains a lot to me and brings Japan more close to me. Japan is a very interesting country with a deep culture and long history to explore. I definitely have to come back!

I attached to this mail the picture of us taken at Horyuji.

From Australia and New Zealand 2014.10.9

This is to express our sincere appreciation for the time and impressive knowledge you shared during our tour this afternoon.

We were not expecting this level of personalized service and enjoyment when we decided to visit Horyuji today.Your sensitivity to Ian's health needs all afternoon added to making the tour even more memorable.

We hope that you continue to stay healthy and that your wife will recover very soon.

From Australia 2014.7.02
Ealier this month you were kind enough to show us around the Horyuji. We wanted to express our thanks again for the kindness you took. We would have appreciated the solemnity of the temple in any case, but to understand somthing of its history ーーー
Our visit with you made a wonderful conclusion to our stay in Japan.
From USA 2014.6.26

Thank you so much for giving us a tour of the temple. Your tour was very

interesting and informative, and made all the difference.

We (me and Antonio) were visiting Nara just for the day, our one free day

during the 12-day business tour we conducted in Japan. We were so lucky to

be able to meet you. After the temple, we went to Todai-ji Temple, and we

wished you were there as well. Please take care. I hope to see you again!

From Germany 2014.1.9

We would like to thank you again for your most interesting guidance through Horyu-ji Temple that you gave us last week. We were very happy to learn so many things about Horyu-ji, we really enjoyed your great explanations and your nice company very much!My Japanese husband told me that at least this one time it was an advantage for him to have a foreign wife (me). Isn't that a nice husband :-) Please find attached the picture that we took together.

From Brazil 204.1.6
This is the brazilian guy who attended your tour in Horyuji!
I am writting to wish you, although a little bit late, a very happy new year! 
I hope that in 2014 you acomplish all your goals!
Finally, i am sending our picture from the day we met! I remember it with great affection!
From Canada 2013.12.20
Thank you for arranging two excellent tour guides for last Tuesday and Wednesday. Your club provides visitors to Japan with well informed tours and very friendly guides.
We wish you all the best for the future and would highly recommend your club to other visitors to Nara.
From England 2013.11.26

H and I wanted to email to say thank you very very much for giving us such an interesting and enjoyable tour of the beautiful Horyu-ji. We learned a great amount and you made it a very special visit for us on our honeymoon

We were able to use the information you gave us for the rest of our trip on visits to Koyasan and in Kyoto and Osaka to understand more about the temples. I think Horyu-ji was our favourite of all the temples!We really enjoyed our visit to Japan, it is a beautiful country with very friendly and welcoming people, I hope we can return again!

I have attached a photo of us outside the temple.

From France 2013.11.6
I just would like to express our appreciation to Ikaruga ICES SGG's support to our Ikaruga visit on 29th October. Our friends truly appreciated Ms.F's guide through the visit of Horyuji.  Previous day, we have visited Todai-ji and Kasuga Shrine, then we had a chance to visit Nara National Museum, Shoso-In treasure exhibition.  Hence, they were able to have better understanding about the periods of 7-8 century in Japan, and the value of Horyuji. Her introduction made their visit to Horyuji truly meaningful and they will introduce their friends the value of Horyuji and the culture.
From China 2013.10.22 

I am a chinese tourist from Shanghai, we have visited Nara a month ago. I want to thank you for the great tour guide of the 法隆寺. We learned a lot from your introduction. Here is the picture we took at the end of the tour. 

From England 2013.10.8 

Thank you so much for a really inspiring tour of Horyuji temple. I had never experienced a historical guide before and I'm very glad I did as it enhanced the experience so much.

From now on, when I visit an interesting historical place, I will try to get a guide whenever possible. I seriously doubt that any of my future guides will be as brilliant as you though!

I love learning about the world, and you and Takyoka San filled in a few more pieces of the puzzle for me.

When I return to Japan I will let you know. Hopefully, we can meet up again and go for a drink together

Feel free to write to me any time, and if you are ever in London, let me know and I'll do my best to show you some interesting places.

From Hong Kong 2013.9.20 
Thank you so much for your guidance of 法隆寺. It was very nice and sophisticated. We were very impressed by the stories behind this beautiful historical building. Your guidance gave us an valuable chance to glance at this important part of Japanese culture. We appreciate your work so much.
Wish you good health and nice life.
FrFrom USA 2013.7.1 
Thank you for the tour you gave us today! We really enjoyed learning the details of Buddhist temples and the specifics of the history of Horyuji, built so long ago in year 711.When we went to Todai-ji  I finally understood the details of the guards from Ahh to Mmm and many of the traditions of Buddhist temples.  We also saw some of the cloths on Jizō statues as we walked through Nara.Your tour opened our eyes to the traditions and history of the temples in Japan.
From England 2013.6.24 

My husband and  I live in England UK  and Visited Japan. We would love to thank you our guide Mr O. We have been to Horyuji with my friend's father's recommendation and he was kindly found the English guide for us. It was 13th of May. I have been there as my school trip but it was almost 3 decades ago and I did remember nothing and it was 1st time for my husband. Mr O was kind enough to show us many things as possible and did kindly share his great knowledge about horyu temple. without having him, we could not enjoyed this world heritage. We should have emailed you much earlier to  send our appreciation but have been very hectic. Please forgive us. I am sure to recommend our friends to contact you when they visit Horyu-ji and we will sure to visit there again.

From Canada 2013.5.30 
With your guide, Horyuji Temple is the most impressive Temple that we had ever visit in Japan. We really appreciated your help.
From Canada 2013.5.24 
It is nearly 2 months since I had the chance of being guided by you at Horyuji. Of course, you may not remember too well, since you meet many visitors, I imagine, and since my visit was on April 1st (2013-04-01) So, first, I do have to apologize for not writing earlier. I wanted to do this in a relaxed way. It did take, indeed, a much longer time than I would have expected. I am deeply sorry. Second, since my visit, I had wanted to thank you again for offering to guide me, explain and show me what I am so ignorant of. Thanks to you, what could have been a regular "tourist" visit, became very intructional and extremely enriching. Later on, when I returned to Nara, I felt very grateful for your generosity since you accepted to spend more than three hours of your time, thus giving me some kind of better knowledge of the marvels and beauties of Horyuji.
Furthermore, since I am an old man travelling alone, you made my trip to Japan get a special moment through the historic and cultural informations you provided me with.
The time I spent with you remains a priviledged moment for my first trip to your country. The discovery of Japan has been very important for me : to be in contact with such a great civilization as Japan's is good for the mind and the spirit. You played a role in this which is probably more important than you may have realized. I do thank you very much for your unique help.

From China 2013.5.6 
From USA 2013.5.3

We are the Americans you took on a tour (Sunday March 30) of Horyuji Center.I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your company and how educational the tour was.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.And we thank you for the wood letter opener.  We use it a lot.With appreciation,

From Germany 2013.4.17
Thank you so much for showing us around horyu-ji the other day. We learned a lot and appreciated your time and knowledge. Here is the picture we took together outside the hall of dreams.
From China and Belgium 2013.4.8

You gave me and my friend a tour of Horyuji last Monday. Thank you so much for your kindness. We have learnt a lot from you and hope you had fun talking with us.Please find attached the photo we took last time. Let's keep in touch in the future. 

From USA 2013.4.4

  Thank you very much again for your wonderful tour yesterday.  It truly was a pleasure to visit the grounds and appreciate the treasures of Horyuji while listening to your detailed historic and artistic analysis.  I may have mentioned it yesterday but your presentation reminded me of my college Art History courses.  Thank you once again for bringing those memories back to me. 

From Beijing, China 2013.3.24

Thanks a lot for your guide yesterday, it was very informative and i learnt a lot from the trip. Your guide is much better than most professional guide i've tried. You've combined general background, comparison between china/japan/india and how Japanese people think about the temple, that made me remember and understand the details better. Also your language skill of both english and chinese is very helpful, so we can easily communicate even when i'm not familiar with some terminology. Last but not least, a friendly and enthusiastic guide is always always better than cold and commercial guide, not just financially but also emotionally. I will definitely recommend SGG, especially Ikaruga SGG to my friends if they are going to Japan.

Thanks again for your help.

From South Sudan 2013.3.13
Thank you very much for the service you offered us yesterday. I enjoyed your lectures while guiding us at Horyuji Temple yesterday.It was my first time to visit a temple in Japan and get explanation in English.
I also love the rich culture of the Japanese people. I enjoyed so many things yesterday and while at Nara University of educationThe experience I have got will be of importance to me and many other people in my country.Once again, thanks so much.
From Sweden 2013.2.19
How are you? I sometimes talked with my wife about you. I remember so much when you showed me Nara and the temples Todai-ji, Nigatsu. Do you remember Hokiji? I liked this small temple - not so touristic and therefore a small oasis of silence.... Then you showed me impressive Horyuji - we did not have enough time anymore! These are memories which I will never forget! Arrigato gozaimasu!
From China 2013.1.28

Thanks for you rexplanation of Horyuji Temple in Nara, let us travel to add a pleasant, you renthusiasm and patience, so we are verygrateful.Sorry so lateto contact you, but still our gratitude. I wish you good health, happy every day!

From France 2013.1.19
Maybe you remember us, we visited Horyuji temple with you in November.
We would like to thank you again, it was wonderfull, and if you come to France we would be very happy to make you visit Versailles and the castle!
A photo attached to remember our visit.
Happy new year, and if our friends come to Japon we will recommand to come to Horyuji, 
From France 2013.1.6
Back home in France now, we would like to thank you again for your warm welcome and very interesting visit of Horyuji on Friday 28th. In case you come to visit our country and our beautiful region of "Chateaux de la Loire", let us know ! It will be a pleasure to see you again. All the best to you and your families for year 2013.
From France 2013.1.1
We wish you and your family an Happy new year for 2013, and above all we wish you to keep your health as good as possible! 
We were recently in Paris and had the chance to visit with pleasure an exhibition of Katsushika Hokusai (I try to speak in japanese...) : かつしか ほくさい の うきよえ.
Some pictures you know very well, which are part of the series: ふがくさんじゅうろっけい;  such as: さんか  はくう, こうしゅう かじかざわ, かながわおき なみうら.
From USA 2012.11.26

My friends and I took a day off from our larger tour group in order to visit Horyuji and Nara, two places that were not on our larger tour group's itinerary.  When we arrived at Horyuji, Good-Will Guide M. S greeted us and offered to be our English-speaking guide, and that she and her colleagues would welcome us, show us around, and tell us all about Horyuji --- all for Free!  We were incredibly surprised at such a generous offer.  We decided that, Yes!, we definitely would appreciate such a guide and special tour

Mariko-san showed us all the major sites, explaining what we were seeing, and she created a custom-tour, based on our interests, that fit our schedule.  She was most informative and gracious.  She made Horyuji "come alive" for us and made it a far more interesting tour than if we had wandered around by ourselves, trying to read what was in our guide book

Thank you for your wonderful service, a special thank you to M. S, and thank you for making our trip so enjoyable

From Israel 2012.10.15
It was a real pleasure having you as my guide at the Horyuji temple.My tour got a hole new meaning thanks to your guidance. I feel very lucky meeting such a wise and kind man like you.
From USA 2012.8.8
Thank you for a wonderful tour! Attached are some photos from our tour by Mr. M.O of the oldest wood building in the world. Thanks again for the wonderful tour!
From Belgium 2012.7.31
I would like to express my gratitude for the kindness and professionalism of Hiroko and Kosuge.During our visit at the temple, Hiroko has been a delight with all her information and cultural facts. It was a splendid morning for Sarah and I to learn from Hiroko.Thank you so much and best in your future.Also a big thank you to Kosuge for his help and support during my visit to the Ikaruga elementary school. At all time he was looking after me and made the communication between students and I an easy connection. Thanks for your patience and time to make our stay in Ikaruga a special one.
From USA 2012.7.5
I am sorry it has taken several weeks for me to write this email, but I would like to thank you for arranging for to Ms. I. for guide us on our visit to Horyuji Temple, and to extend our thanks to Ms. I.  She was a very gracious and informative guide, and we truly enjoyed our time with her and our visit to Horyuji. It was very helpful for us to have the opportunity to understand the history and the significance of the beautiful things we saw at the temple.  Please offer our sincere thanks to Ms. I- she helped to make our trip a very memorable experience.
From France 2012.7.1
Thanks again for this very interesting ( but too short , our fault... ) visit.
良い思い出 ありがとう
From USA 2012.6.20

Several weeks ago you gave us a wonderful tour in Nara. [I just found you business card today - I knew I'd eventually find it and be able to write you.] You had come highly recommended by my husband's sister and the rest of the family connected with you a little while later. Thanks so much. Your general knowledge made subsequent visits to temples more informed.Should you ever come to the USA, please look us up.

From Slovenia 2012.5.27
I would like to thank you for a wonderful tour of Horyuji Temple you provided. You were very kind and patient and both your knowledge about the history and English was above excellent. You answered all my questions and even helped me to the bus to return to Nara. I am very grateful for your kindness and would like to thank you for all your efforts.
 I tried accessing your website (from the card) to thank you for everything you have done for me, I would be glad to recommend your tour to everyone and thank you on the website as well.
 In the meantime, wish you all the best and thank you again.
From USA 2012.5.8

I want to thank you again for the wonderful tour of Horyu-ji you gave me, my husband, brother and sister-in-law a few weeks ago.  It was one of the highlights of our trip to Japan.  Please contact me if you ever have a chance to visit Boston.  I would love to provide you a tour in return, although it would be very poor in comparison to the tour you gave us.

From Canada 2012.5.5
Thank you for explaining everything in English for me and teaching me new Japanese words like 涅槃.  It makes me want to come back and live in Japan once again.
From China 2012.4.29
We appreciate it for your kind guidance for us. You helped us to get a well knowedge of Horyu-ji and left happy memories to us. We enjoyed it very much. Thanks again. Here is the photos that day. Please check.
From TheNetherlands 2012.4.15

We have now arrived safely home and should like to thank you once more for the fantastic guided tour you gave us last Thursday at the Horyuji temple. You were not only a very knowledgeable guide, but also a very pleasant and humoristic guide to us. Your guide tour was certainly one of the highlights of our two week trip to Japan and to which we have the very best reminiscences.

Please find attached some photos taken last Thursday as a token of our appreciation. Maybe you can even use them in your splendid organisation of volunteers giving such wonderful guided tours. We can only congratulate the Horyuji i-center with such a greta and efficient organisation. You must know that after your tour we were approached a couple of times by very enthusiastic colleagues of yours to have another tour and it was disappointing to them when we explained that we just had had a great tour of more than two hours.

If I know of people going to Japan and Nara I will certainly recommend your organisation and yourself as the very best way to learn almost everything of temples in general and of the Horyuji temple in particular.

From Singapore 2012.4.10
I have ended my trip in Japan, and I am back to Singapore now. I really enjoyed the visit to Horyuji Temple with Mr. M and his friend, although it was raining that day. Their warm hospitality is greatly appreciated!
From France 2012.4.9
I wanted to say again thank you thank you very much (domo arigato gozaimass) for what you have done by showing me this marvelous treasure of Horyuji Shrine and for your kindness and your knowledge about japanese history;
I really appreciated it and I will talk about your organization with all the friends who love Japan; you remember I made a picture of you and the Corean guy; unfortunately I made a bad the picture but I send it to you and the one you did of me.
From Brazil 2012.3.11
I am sending to you a pdf  of a beginning of a lecture, you have helped me a lot, thank you very much!
From England 2012.3.9
I'd just like to say thank you for guiding us on Wednesday around Horyuji.. It was very informative and most helpful.
Afterwards we went to Hokkoji which was a little disappointing but perhaps we needed your expert guidance to understand what we were seeing..I shall certainly mention the Goodwill Guide service in the article I'm writing. I appreciated your time and expertise,
From USA 2012.3.5
Hi! I am 11years old. Last month I went to Japan with my dad.・・・・・The very nice tour guide showed us around at Horyuji temple. She spoke both English and Japanese and told us a lot of interesting history about the temple , the 1000 year old columns and ancient gods. We also took a tour to Nara Park and saw tame deer and temple with a big Buddha inside it. I'm thankful that we used the association because the trip went very well.
From dad : Thank you for such a great tour. ・・・This is my second trip to Nara. .I would recommend your tourist office to any person who doesn't speak any Japanese and would like to visit Japan for the first time. Great tour!!! Thank you again,.
From USA 2012.2.3
We left for the US and reached home without any problems en route on Jan. 27.  It was very nice to get to meet you and learn a bit about Nara's Huryuji temple .  It was made a lot easier due to your excellent English language skill and vast knowledge on the temple.   Because of you I enjoyed and appreciated the temple a lot more.  I communicated this to Prof. K. also.  I really admire your interest in learning and propagating Japanese history.  I think it's an excellent way to relax in a fruitful way after all the hard working years to make a living for yourself and your family.  I will remember this trip to Nara whenever I think of Japan.
From Taiwan 2012.1.30

We returned back to Taiwan yesterday in the evening. It was such a nice experience that we had your introduction on Horyuji history and Buddhism spreading into Japan during Tang dynasty. The Buddhism culture property stored in Horyuji was so plentiful that we were fascinated by those ancient things. Your great help made our  9-day Kansai tour glorious. We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to you, a respectable volunteer of Horyuji. Thank you so much, our Japanese friend. Please feel free to get contact with me when you come Taiwan. I would most like to provide helps on Taiwanese local information in case you need.

From USA 2012.1.18

I want to write this message to thank you very much for the wonderful personal tour of Horyu-Ji temple you provided for us this past July. It was truly one of the highlights of our trip to Japan, made so much better by all of the information you provided. You are truly a master at providing a wonderful experience for people you guide through this incredible temple. Thank you VERY much for what you did for us. 

As a result of our great time traveling in Japan, we will surely return to your country for a visit in the future. Maybe we will run into you again if we return to Horyu-Ji!

From USA 2012.1.17
We would like to express our appreciation for your kind offer to provide an English-language tour of Horyuji.
Your tour provided us with fascinating information about the history of the temple as well as Buddhism in Japan. Thanks to your tour, we not only appreciated the beauty of the temple buildings and the items they contain but also gained a deep appreciation of their spiritual and historical significance.
Again, thank you, for expanding our appreciation of a world heritage site.  We had never met such an excellent English guide!
From France 2012.1.8
For this new year we hope that the Japonese people who suffered from the tsunami last march will quickly recover confidence in future and that everyone will recover a home and some work! 

We wish that Japan will be able to bring under control the fukushima daiichi nuclear power station, and to fight successfully against radioactive pollution.

From Finland 2011.10.26

Thank you very much for the attention you gave us during our visit to Horyuji. Your guidance brought us to appreciate even more the vast Japanese history and culture. Youve also opened our eyes to see beautiful things that we wouldnt have noticed, like the color of the beetle on that shrine. We will certainly keep you and Horyuji between the nice memories we cherish about Japan.

From USA 2011.10.24
I"m writing to say "thank you"to a nice woman who was working in the Tourist Informtion Office in the Horyuji Station on May 13,2011. Her English skill was "Great"! ...... I asked you if there is bus that goes to Yakushiji from the Horyuji Station . You said that a good way to get there would be to take the JR train a short distance, get off that train and walk to the other train ,then take that to Yakushiji. ......... I didn't get lost - thanks to your good advice. ..... In June I returned to my hometown near San Francisco.I already miss Japan and I'm hoping I can get back ...... I like Nara-ken a lot..
From ISRAEL 2011.10.11
We just wanted to say thank you very much for the lovely tour. Ms.H is very nice and an excelent guide and we learnt a lot from the tour Thank's again for everything.
From USA 2011.9.16
Just a quick note of thanks for the time and knowledge you shared with me.    Your efforts made my visit to Horyuji the most enjoyable and informative day of my trip.  I'm in San Francisco now but leaving for my winter home in Mexico in a couple of weeks.
From Canada 2011.7.19
I would just like to say that your tour over the Horyuji temple was fantastic! Thank you so much! My kids and I learned so much with you. We were extremely lucky that you were there to stop us before we went into the temple. You were by far the best tour guide we had. People like you make visits to Japan so much more enjoyable.
From Canada 2011.4.14
You made our visit to Horyuji temple very special. We were very lucky that you were there to give us such good explanations. Your explanations actually helped us for the rest of our trip. I hope that you are doing well and often think of the afternoon that Philippe and I spent with you. Your kindness to drive us to the train station was very touching. I want to thank you again and say how much we appreciated the time you spent with us.
 I have attached a few pictures of you with us as I would like to share the good memories with you. Thank you again
From Taiwan 2011.3.30 In connection with Great earthquake
From Italy 2011.3.19 In connection with Great earthquake

We wish to tell you our deep sorrow for the terrible suffering of the Japanese People.

Last year, when we came to Japan for the first time, we had the opportunity to know your marvelous Country and its extraordinary People.And we simply love both the country and the people.Now, as everybody in the world, we hope – and are sure – that the outstanding courage and moral strength of the Japanese People will help it once more to overcome this disaster.

With all our sympathy to you, your family, relatives, friends and all the Japanese People.

From Greece 2011.3.17 In connection with Great earthquake
I was about to inform you today that the trip was cancelled yesterday. In view of the tremendous problems the Great East Earthquake brought to your country and the continuing uncertainty for a successful control of the nuclear plants in Fukushima, none of the group members wanted to travel to Japan any more. We are not going therefore to make use of your kind services this time but do hope to do so in the not too distant future. Till then we want to sincerely thank you for your promptness to be of assistance to us and to assure you that we admire and love your country and its people. We have no doudt that Japan will manage to recover from this tragic disaster very soon.
From USA 2011.3.13 In connection with Great earthquake
From Spain 2011.3.13 In connection with Great earthquake
we have watchen in TV what have happened in Japan. We are worried about you and your family. We hope you be fine, however the earthwake.
From USA 2011.3.12 In connection with Great earthquake

My husband and I are shocked to see the level of destruction that yesterdays earthquake has wrought on Japan.  We hope that you and your family have been spared injury and loss in this tragic event.  

We pray for your safety and for the well-being of all Japanese people.

From France 2011.3.12 In connection with Great earthquake
Of course our mind went to you and your compatriots, when listenig to the news from Japan yesturday. We hope that yourself and your close family have not been physically concerned par the earthquake. We hope that disaster will now stop, and that people will quickly recover quietness.
From France 2011.3.6
I have visited Nara at 2 Feb, with my sister. We enjoy very much our visits with you: Your knowledge about monuments and history of japan, and your kindness. We would like to thank you.
From US 2010.11.27
Just wanted to tell you that we had a wonderfull time during our visit to Horyuji Of course that was because we had ichiban guide Hiroko-san made the tour so interesting due to her knowledge and details of the many things we saw I even felt I was walking during the actual time the buildings were constructed Her warmth and personality made everything more special You should be very proud to have her on your staff Once again DOUMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITA Hopefully we will meet some day....maybe in NY
From Italy 2010.11.8

We would like to tell you how delighted we were to be able to visit Horyuji and Nara with Ms H. She is so knowledgeable, so kind so exquisitely dynamic!  Ms Hattori really made our day a perfect day.

Thank you again and, again, all our congratulations for giving visitors such excellent opportunities.

From Hong Kong 2010.10.5
I and my wife have memory when travelling Japan about a week ago. Sachiko has guided us the visit to Horyuji temple. We were very impressed and her hospitality was very thankful.
From Canada 2010.9.19
Thank you for taking the time to give us a guided tour of Horyuji on 2 Sep 2010. My wife and I really appreciated your insights into the origins of the temple, its history, and relevance to Buddhism in Japan. I have attached one of our best pictures of that visit so you can share in our memories.
If you ever come to Vancouver again, please drop us a note so we can meet again.
From Canada 2010.7.28
We are deep into our busiest tourism season now and many Anne fans from Japan are arriving.   If you ever happen to come to our Island we'd love to host you (Lodging and guide service).  Do not hesitate to consider this.  We feel deeply appreciative of all our Japan volunteer guides and would love to do the same for someone else coming to our region.
From USA 2010.7.

It was a pleasure meeting you today.

Joannie and I felt that your guiding us was the height of our trip.

I’m attaching a copy of our photo and a shot from the Katsura Imperial Villa yesterday.

From UK 2010.7.6
I would just like to say thanks very much for organising Ms H to be our guide when we visited Nara 9th June. We had the most wonderful day with Ms H and she was a very organised, knowledgeable and fabulous guide. We would really like to say thanks to Ms H for making the children's toys and being so helpful to us,
could you please let Ms H know how grateful we are?
Kindest regards and many thanks,
From Canada & USA 2010.7.4
We are glad having you as our guide today at Horyuji, and we really appreciate our time with you, which made our trip so wonderful, and let us know more about Japan's history. We, interns from U.S. and Canada , want to say thank you so much again for your help. Attached please find our group photos with you, as well as our best wishes to you, to your family, for every happy day.
I am writing this letter to thank you for your kind guide today. Your amazing explanation not only helped us understand the remarkable achievement of Horyu-ji Temple, but also brought us the great interest to learn Japanese history and Buddhism. Above all, this is the best trip I had ever had in Japan. Again, thank you very much for your effort and time.
From France 2010.5.31
Konnichi wa; o genki desu ka?
These two photographies, in memory of very pleasant moments passed together (sorry, but for the moment I am not so sure of my japonese speaking, and prefer to speak in english).with kindly regards.
From USA 2010.5.11

Since our return from Japan several weeks ago we have been overwhelmed with pressing tasks that have severely distracted us.  We have been particularly delinquent in sending this note of gratitude to you.

We enjoyed our entire visit to Japan, however, the highlight of our trip was the splendid tour you provided of Horyu-ji Temple compound on March 25th, 2010.

You may recall that it was particularly unpleasant day, cold and wet.  But you enthusiastically conducted my husband and I through the entire temple complex.  We want to thank you again for your generous effort.  Japan is a beautiful country and your personal hospitality enhanced our visit immeasurably.

From USA 2010.4.14
My husband and I wanted to thank you both for your tour of Nara.  We really appreciate that you both found time to spend the day with us, and give us so much wonderful background and insight into the sites we were visiting.  It certainly made the visits so much more meaningful that they would have been otherwise. We especially enjoyed our conversations with the two of you on many aspects of Japanese life, besides those that related to the specific places we were visiting.
Most of all, we appreciate your kindness.  Our time with you made our trip that much more wonderful.
From France 2010.4.2
I hope that you are doing fine and that you keep enjoying walking through the beautiful temples in your area.As promised, please find attached the two pictures we took with you ! I hope it remembers you good memories just like it does for us.
We thank you so much for all the things you teached us during the visit. You made it so interesting !
From US & Germany 2010.3.19
We wanted to send you our warm greetings, and to thank you for your excellent guidance at Horyu-ji. You provided us with information and a context that we certainly did not have before.
 As I know you are interested in the precise meaning of the English terms, one small point: often, in distinguishing between Buddhism and Shintoism, you used the word "polygamy" to describe the Shinto belief in multiple deities.  Polygamy refers to the ability to take multiple wives; with respect, I believe that the word you meant to use was "polytheism"--the belief in multiple deities.
 It was a pleasure to have met you, and I hope our paths cross again.
From France 2010.1.11
We had chance to have you as guide last september and at the beginning of the new Year ,we send you our best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2010 for you, your family and your friends.We kept a nice souvenir about our trip in JAPAN and still thank you for your help.
From Sweden 2010.1.9
I was the Swedish women that you so kindly guided before New Year's Eve. My Japanese fiance was together with me. For me it was the first time to see this wonderful sight, and your experienced guiding made it so much better. I'm very grateful for this, thank you ever so much !  It's the kindness of you and other people that make the world a nicer place.
From Spain 2010.1.4
We wanted to thank you very much for the very good Horyuji tour you have given us. Thanks to your tour, Horyuji is the place in Japan we have learned most about. Tomorrow is our last day and we have to return to Spain.We liked Japan very much . Beautiful landscapes, very friendly people, good,very good food. We hope you recieve this letter with the Spanish sweets we sent. Many,many greetings from us, and again thank you for the excellent tour!
From Participants of International Institute under the auspices of the Osaka City University (52- Foreigner and 26-Japanese)
With your kind help, We had a very pleasant trip. Moreover, we had known much about the history of Japan. We would like to thank you very much. 衷心感謝  From China
I was very much impressed with voluntary guide for a small group. We can hear the precise explanation of the historic side of the temple. Especially, the guide were very kind and was willing to answer the questions. It was very nice!!   From Korea
The lady, who was our guide at Horyuji , has been excellent. She was very well prepared, she had two folders with photographs of the treasures, diagrams and other useful materials. The photographs were very often useful because the original treasures were in dark. Our guide answered very well questions from the group. She was very knowledgeable , very enthusiastic about her job, even it was her voluntary job.
I strongly recommend her for other tours, and, I think, it was very hard to find a better guide than her. I would like to thank her very much for her excelent guide she provided to us.  From USA
We were impressed by your enthusiasm yesterday. Our tour was not only interesting, it was also very nice to have such a personal approach ( in small groups). Considering the fact that you are doing this voluntary, we would like to express a sincere. DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU From Belgium
I am cordially thankful to the organizers and to guides for this EXCELLENT excursion to one of the most famous and most important place in the history of Japan. From Israel

From Switzerland
Thank you very much for the excellent tour at the Horyuji, it was wonderful and we enjoyed a lot ! You told us many things, no book ever could explain !
W e wish you a happy new year and maybe see you again in Switzerland ! it would be a big pleasure for us to give you an unforgettable time in our country - ge welcome to our home ! ・・・・・・・
From France
I would like to thank you very much for sending the photo. It is a good souvenir from Japan. And also , my husband and I are very grateful for all your patience with us on the visiting tour to Horyuji. We learnt a lot with you. I think this system of volunteer guides is excellent and I am envisaging to do something similar in a few years when I retire from work.・・・・・・・・, We have been very impressed by Japan and we are looking forward to seeing the many photoes my husband has taken during our visits.
I am giving you our adress again just in case you get opportunity to come to France and feel like visiting us. We would be most delighted if you do so.
From Germany
more than three weeks ago, you showed us with tremendous effort the beauty and history og the Horyuji. We very much appreciated you effort and judge this tour as one of the highlights of our trip to Japan.
From US and Japan
My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful tour of Horyuji temple two days ago in the afternoon. Having a guide in English was very helpful for me especially since my Japanese isn't very good ・・・・
From Germany
You gave us a tour of Horyuji about two weeks ago. I have attached a photograph of us, with you in the background, to remind you who we were. Even at the time we knew that we had enjoyed your explanations immensely but after returning and finding that we think again and again about what you said, it is even more clesr that your tour was one of the highlight of our visit to Japan.
My husband has visited Japan several times and spent a month working in Sapporo but my son and I had never been there. I was ( and still am) abysmally ignorant about Buddhism and about the history of Japan. In a most wonderful way, you gave us a background to appreciate the beautiful shrines and temples. What a privilege to appreciate that Buddhist temples comprise seven buildings and that have seen the oldest one in existence .why one of the guards at the gate has his mouth open and the other has his mouth closed, to realize that those who designed the temples understood that wood splits radically around a trunk and that such splitting can be minimized by cutting round colums from the edges, to see the iridescent wings of beetles can be used like jewels.
Each of these things is for us unforgettable. It is amazing how much you taught us in a brief period.・・・・
From Germany
・・・and it's nice, that you see, that I realy was intersted .... I go for Japan not have fun, I go there because I was interested it and to try to understand a bit the country and there people. that was also to prefer to listen to what you told me all....
Now, my interest for Japan are bigger than before....and I just plan to go there also in 2009.....and I wanna look for somegood books about ancient history and Buddhism,because I realy don't know much and did not understand all.
Thanks for the time to spend to me.... and I hope some of that german sweets taste fine:-
From Belgium
Thank you once more for the very nice guiding of us through the wonderful site of Horyuji and surroundings. Please find attached some photo's that might be useful for your website.
From Germany
I'm finally back in Germany from my round the world trip. So I can send you the picture of us in Horyuji.
Thanks again very much for showing me around there. I appreciate this a lot.
I enjoyed this day very much and remember it well. Horyuji was one of the highlights in my trip around the world.

From Brunei 2009.5.4
Thank you very much for your kind tour guiding in Nara.Here is a picture of you and your volunteer group during the trip .I am not in the picture but I was wearing a blue cap and a pink T-shirt in your group that day ...........
If you decide to visit my country (Brunei )you are very much welcomed.Please send me email before you come.I will be back to my country maybe in the end of 2010.
Thank you again for you very kind treatment. Will remember you always...
From Australia 2009.5.31
Thank you once again for arranging our tours of Horyuji Temple and Nara city.All the members of our group were very happy to meet the guides and to enjoy such an informed tour of these areas of Nara. .... We would be happy to meet with you if you come to Melbourme.
Thank you once again. We take wonderful memories with us from Nara.......
From Ethiopia 2009.8.7
I am the Ethiopian guy you met together with my Taiwanese friend in Horyuji. I am writing to say how grateful we were of your offer to show us around the temple. You really made our trip very memorable by giving us all the background information regarding the temples and their artefacts'.It made us appreciable the significance of the things we saw and enhanced our understanding of Buddhism. We were always amazed of the hospitality and the friendship we were shown during our stay in Japan and your kind offer and hospitality reinforce our experience and leaves us with a wonderful impression of Japan. Thank you very much indeed !
From USA 2009.8.27
You were a very good tour guide for my wife, children and I, .when we stopped to tour the Nara temple.Thank you for your patience and love. You made the tour very interesting to us. It was a very hot,summer day, but your presence made our experience most happy.
Thank you very much again.
From Australia 2009.8.31
In July of this year you guided us through Horyuji temple as a volunteer guide. It was a very hot day and you spent several hours teaching us about the temple and Japan's history. My husbund and I remember that day with great appreciation. We valued your knowledge, your kindness , and your generosity, when you spent so much time with us and answered so many questions. We are deeply grateful to you, you gave us a memory of Japan, that we will always treasure.
From Australia 2009.11.18 & 19
Will you please pass on our sincere thanks to Mr. K.O for his guidance around Nara on Wenesday 18. His detailed knowlidge of the temples and shrinees was appreciated, and his patience and wisdome too. Apart from the historical sites we saw places we wouldn't otherwise have seen in the back-streets of Nara e.g. an old original house, and the sake-tasting shop!
Moreover, our sincere thanks to Ms. F.K. for her guidance around Horyuji & district on 19.
Her excellent English was appreciated, as wele as the information she shared with us. We certainly made the most of the day, thanks to her.
From France 2009.11.21
We have visited Horyuji with you last month during our honeymoon in Japan and we wanted to thank you for this wondeful time we had. We had safe journey back to France and now we came back to " normal life"... We really loved visiting Japan, we were amazed by the kindness of Japanese people. This is one of the reasons why we will come back in Japan someday... there are so much other places to go and so much things to discover! You will find photoes we have taken with you in Horyuji...
From France 2009.11.29
It has been a great pleasure to meet you and your colleague and to do this pleasant visit of the Horyuji temple. We have been delighted by our trip for our honeymoon in Japan. We would like to thank you and your colleague again.