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Dear Friends from Overseas ,     

IKARUGA ICES SGG,are a group of volunteers ready and willing to take you around at your request.
IKARUGA ICES SGG was established in 1992 by a volunteer group of enthusiastic Good-will Guide and was officially registered at the Japan National Tourist Organization(JNTO).
In this area, there are many world famous
temples,cultural properties and beautiful sights,
such as Horyuji and Chuguji Temples.Horyuji
Temple was resistered as World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 1993,first in Japan.
It is World's oldest existing wooden structure
founded by Prince Shotoku-taishi in the early
7th century. It has lots of National treasures
and important cultural properties.
It is always our great pleasure to offer you
warm hospitality and we look forward to
welcoming you to Ikaruga and its vicinity.
Please get in touch with us whenever you need
our services.
                 Kenji Sawada

Information counter at
JR Horyuj-sta.

Signboard of Horyuji
i center

Horyuji i center alongside of RT25

Information counter in
" i center"

 (International Cultural Exchange
ociety, Systematized Goodwill

Representative: Kenji Sawada

Number of Members:60(as of March 31, 2020)

Office:c/o Ikaruga Tourism Association
      (i center) , IKaruga-town,Nara pref.

Tel: 0745-74-6800 ,
Fax: 0745-75-9090
E-mail: ikaruga@kcn.ne.jp

1.Assistance to information service for  
 international visitors and tourists at;
  -JR Horyuji Station Information counter
  -Horyuji i Center (Information center)
   Service counter

2. Guide Services
 Tour Guide at Horyuji Temple and Ikaruga   
 Town area

 Translation Services for the requirments
 from Ikaruga Town office